Jupiter In the 11th House
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What Does Jupiter In The 11th House Mean?

Jupiter in the 11th house opens a gateway to a lot of gains for the native. The 11th house, being the most important house in terms of gains, opens various channels of gain for the native. It’s an excellent placement for those that are starting a new business or diving into a new phase of life. Why? Because in this placement, the native gets struck with gains from the least expected places, at times when success is least expected or guaranteed. Concerning a female, this means that the husband will have a lot of wealth and be quite outgoing in his professional circle.

It’s important to note that the 11th house, in any context, isn’t your ability to save money. The 11th and 2nd houses are often confused, but there’s a vital difference. The 2nd house dictates your ability to save money, regardless of where it’s coming from. In that sense, you can’t save money without earning it first. The earning part is dictated solely by the influence of the 11th house. It shows that the native will have access to a lot of ways in which money will be brought into their life.

Coming back to the original meaning of Jupiter in the 11th house. In addition to having access to a lot of wealth, the network circle of the native, under this placement’s influence, will be quite diverse. This holds, especially in terms of career and profession. These people may not be socially outgoing, but in their professional network, they’re the man. They’re the person their colleagues come to for advice. They’re the alpha males that set the standards for their fellows to rise in the ranks, as wealth is subject to the people you surround yourself with. The women with this placement will realize how many different resources the husband has access to, all because of their connections with the people in the industry. That’s why this placement shows a lot of potential for an entrepreneur, as they’re the ones that get access to a lot of wealth-driving streams and have a big network circle.

It’s important to note here the 3rd, the 7th, and the 11th house three correspond to the native’s wishes and dreams. However, what the native wishes for under the influence of each house differs. In the 3rd house, the native has a professional-based goal. He wishes for a specific profession in his future. In the 7th, sexual desires are filled in the native’s mind. There are sexual wishes that the native wants to achieve, like sleeping with a supermodel. In the case of the 11th house, which is what we’re concerned about, the most important wish is infinite wealth. These people are heavily motivated by wealth and money, and the presence of the 11th house and Jupiter increase this lust for wealth tenfold. That’s also the reason why women with this placement often have a complaint regarding their married life. The husband is too focused on finding ways to gain new wealth and doesn’t put too much focus and effort into the marriage.

Jupiter In the 11th House Aspect the 3rd, 5th, and 7th House

Jupiter in the 11th house always looks at the 5th, 7th and ninth position from where it currently is. Being in the 11th house means that Jupiter aspects three different houses, which are the 3rd, the 5th, and the 7th. The influence on the personality of the native is different in each house, which is explained as follows:

When Jupiter aspects the 3rd house, there’s a boost in courage when the native pursues their wishes and dreams. This means that if the native wishes for a certain thing to happen, not only will they have to courageously put effort into it, but put a lot of positive belief and energy into it as well. When the native truly believes that he can do something, only then will Jupiter bless the house of wishes and dreams and fulfill his wishes.

In addition to that, if Jupiter isn’t debilitated in this position, aspecting the 3rd house means that relationships with siblings will be quite good and healthy for the native. If Jupiter is debilitated in this position, siblings make the natives lose their gains. Their professional relationships are affected by their siblings, which is what makes them lose their financial status in the long run.

When Jupiter aspects the 5th house, happiness, and optimism are blessed towards things like the intelligence of children, business, higher learning, and academics. The native’s attitude towards these things in life will take a positive turn. A new outlook on life will be formed, one that doesn’t focus on the negatives at all. The 5th aspect is perhaps the most influential and strong aspect of Jupiter in the 11th house, as it allows growth in various aspects of the native’s life. Increased focus on academics, blooming business, and stronger connections with people. All of these things will come into focus when Jupiter aspects the 5th house, relative to its position.

That’s why people like these are often seen in optimism-demanding businesses like stocks, filmmaking, e-commerce, and various others. These people have to fundamentally believe that the stock they’re investing in, or the product they’re launching, will make their money, which is the basic essence of this aspect.

In addition to that, the females, with this placement, will meet their future husbands in a large social setting. He will be part of a large professional network, and they’ll meet at a corporate party, where they make a connection.

Lastly, When Jupiter aspects the 7th house, gains through marriage will be seen in the native’s life. This holds for both the men and the women with this placement. A positive outlook for marriage will be engraved in the mind of the native, and through this fundamental belief, gains will be seen from the marriage. The house of wealth looks directly at the house of marriage and love, and if the planet isn’t debilitated, the two form a direct connection with each other.

Jupiter in the 11th House For A Female’s Horoscope

Jupiter sitting in the 11th house says a lot of things about marriage in a female horoscope. Women with this placement will meet their husbands in a very large, spread-out corporate network. Like most other placements with Jupiter, the husband is the breadwinner in the family, and while the women can also be working, the husband will always dominate concerning the wealth being earned in the house.

The marriage will induce gains for both the man and the woman in this relationship, however, the introduction of the woman in the man’s life is said to be a starting point of wealth in the marriage. This means that for the husband, the wife is a good luck charm for increasing the amount of wealth.

However, for females, the husband will be very prone to travel. Whether for business reasons or personal reasons, the wife will spend a lot of time in different countries, and experience different cultures from around the world. Although, before the marriage, the wife is quite the traveler herself. As a matter of fact, with this Jupiter in the 11th house position, the meeting of the man and woman often happens during foreign travels.

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