Jupiter in the 8th house
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What Does Jupiter in the 8th House Represent?

Jupiter in the 8th house means the native has a deep interest in occult science and learning the secret knowledge of the world. Therefore, the position of Jupiter in the 8th house may mean the native can be an astrologer or a mystic since this placement indicates a gift from God that the natives may use to gain higher knowledge about occult things. Hence, the sixth sense that they possess allows them to access new dimensions and portals that are invisible to others. Jupiter, itself, signifies blessings, and if it is not debilitated, if it is in a good position, these people can actually find a way into the other side, which is usually not seen by ordinary people. The natives are also able to have conversations with other beings from different dimensions. Hence, strong psychics are seen with Jupiter in the 8th house.

When it comes to joint assets with their spouse, it is rather secretive, but on the other side, it also includes great wealth. However, if Jupiter is debilitated, then the assets of their husband or wife shall be hidden from the native, or the access to the wealth would be limited or even not acquired. Also, this placement indicates the individual is charitable and free-hearted with their resource.

Since Jupiter aspects the 12th house, it can provide the native with the knowledge of Medicine and healing. Therefore, the occupation may be related to the health field, such as a doctor, a farm tech, or just a gifted healer with powers given by God. Also, since Jupiter looks at the 12th house, it also indicates wasteful spending. Hence, the natives are fond of giving their energy, especially for charity. Also, a lot of social work is seen in these people’s lives.

Often, wasteful spending may also be seen in the area of spirituality and religion. Hence, spending too much money on rituals is not rear with this position. These people will run into these situations where they are just forced to give away their energy for many ceremonials, which may not be approved and welcomed by the spouse. Overall, the control of spending is needed in this position.

Since Jupiter is placed in the 8th house, it also shows that they can be related to export and import business with connections abroad. Additionally, when it comes to occupations, the natives can be connected to foreign trade. Also, they can become well-known spies for their country. This is because Jupiter represents knowledge, the 8th house secrecy, and since Jupiter looks at the 12th house, which represents foreign lands, it means that the natives are retaining severe secret knowledge in foreign lands. In addition, this placement may also indicate that they are eager to travel abroad in order to teach people and share the wisdom that is known in the world. Therefore, they may be some kind of spiritual guru.

Jupiter aspects the 2nd house, which is the house of assets, the native’s savings are very much possible. With the grace and help of Jupiter, they may spare some funds. However, if Jupiter is debilitated, then their own money savings will be suddenly taken away, or there will be situations where they’ll need to unexpectedly pay the government for the taxes.

Also, if Jupiter is not well-placed in their charts, some sudden changes may occur in their family life. Hence, some arguments and sudden disputes may interrupt their home comforts. Since Jupiter aspects the fourth house, these people tend to change their homes often. Especially if Jupiter is debilitated, sitting with a non-friendly planet, or even sitting in an antagonistic sign, it may bring the natives to move a lot in their lifetime. On the other side, it gives them a good education. They have the capacity to retain information distinctively for themselves.

However, if Jupiter is exalted, then they shall remain and stick with their parents. The family will be their home for a long time. They will be very respectable and religious. However, the natives may not be so focused on esoteric knowledge. They are rather disciplined and obedient peoples who tend to follow the rituals of the cultural settings and firm beliefs.

When Jupiter is in the 8th house as the lord of the Ascendant, it can give the natives very weak physiques with the big tendency to have an energy drain most of the time. If your Ascendant is in the sign of Sagittarius, and the lord is found in the 8th house, even though it is exalted, it still may cause some alignments. This is because Jupiter is looking at the 12th house, which represents the left eye, and the 2nd house, which represents the right eye. Hence, with Jupiter in the 8th house, they can suddenly, at any point of life, or even throughout their life, have to wear glasses.

Also, since Jupiter aspects the 4th house, it may bring different types of relations with the mother. If Jupiter is debilitated, there might be some lack of nourishment and affection. If Jupiter is exalted, the mother will be involved in their life, and she will nourish them with love and affection while also giving them a lot of knowledge that they can later use in life.

How Will Be the Husband If Jupiter Is In 8th house?

When Jupiter is in the 8th house for a female, this indicates a woman will meet her husband in a highly secretive place. Their relationship with their husband will be a private one. Probably, the meetings occurred behind someone’s back and away from other people’s sight. Therefore, a long period of time shall pass before you spill the beans. Also, when Jupiter is found in the 8th house in the female’s horoscope, it means that their husbands will have secret assets that it wasn’t known of. In these types of situations, the reveal might occur suddenly, after, or during the marriage. For example, a bank statement may be delivered in circumstances where the wife can be the witness to it.

Additionally, since the 8th house represents sudden events, the females might end in the position where they all of a sudden get married. Also, females may tend to be rather appealing to others. Therefore, with Jupiter’s tendency for expansion, some affairs, and intimate secret activities may be present in their lives. Furthermore, with this placement of Jupiter, the husband of the native may be overweight and will spare no expense for others and the native.

Since the 8th house represents sudden and unforeseen circumstances, the husband or wife may leave the native without notice. The best realistic and practical remedy for Jupiter in the 8th house would be marrying the spouse twice. It would need to be the same ceremony in two, or even in one year. This remedy is applicable to all religions. Since this placement signifies two marriages during their lifetime, it is best for them to get married twice to the same person, and the meaning of the placement shall be canceled out. Also, the new document is needed to be signed by both spouses.

Jupiter In the 8th House for Aries Ascendant

Jupiter in the 8th house for Aries ascendant is in the secret sign of Scorpio. This means the person’s energy, drive, willpower, and actions go towards research, occult mysticism, or anything hidden or unknown. For an Aries person, Jupiter rules the 9th house of freedom and the 12th house of luck and fortune. Therefore, this indicates that a person can have financial freedom by being lucky with an unexpected source of income. They also gain wisdom in the occult, mysticism, and secret science.

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