The World tarot card

The World Tarot Card

The world tarot card represents high achievement, harmony, and the pentacle of success. In the world tarot card, there are three animals, lion, eagle, and bull along with the androgynous figure. The three animals symbolize the four zodiac signs which are fixed thus representing the high laws of the universe which governs the spiritual and mundane world in perfect harmony. If man aligns himself in perfect synchronization with these laws, a great achievement on this earth is guaranteed. The androgynous figure that is in the center of the four animals is neither male nor female, the scarf conceals its private parts thus hiding the fact that this entity is both male and female. The androgynous figure is a representation of unification; which are opposite energies coming together as one and working in synchronization. In the world tarot card, the androgynous figure is perfectly balanced on one foot as the other legs cross to create the number four, symbolizing man’s reasoning faculty of the mind. The overall picture represents the perfect cycle which is the completion of one stage, then starting a new phase. For example; every few years the cells in the human body complete a cycle by rejuvenating thus giving us completely new bodies. Once we have our new bodies, a brand new phase has emerged revitalizing and regenerating us. This cycle continues as long as we live, for this is the true cycle that is in harmony with universal laws.

When the world tarot card shows up in a reading, it’s signifying that you have entered the last phase of the project or particular situation and high attainment is at hand. All things will progress with ease and according to how you want them to go. You will get what you want. At this last stage, you will feel intact, complete, and whole because everything is coming together according to plan. All is going well and in a harmonic mannerism. If something was promised to you, you now receive exactly what you deserve. Since you have everything you want, and you have reached the high peak of the mountain, this cycle will end followed by an important change. Now is the time to pat yourself on the back because you have done a wonderful job and stuck to your goals thus obtaining victory. This cycle is ending because you have accomplished all goals now is the time to start something new and welcome into your life fresh experiences and new beginnings. You have walked a long path in which you learned a lot increasing your knowledge and experience. You are now able to apply all that you have learned to a new project in which success will come easier. Travel may also be a part of this news cycle, as the old world makes way for the new. You may be required to travel physically to meet the demands of new obligations. A new world is now open to you because you have mastered the old one.

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