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Vedic Astrology Natal Birth Chart

In Vedic Astrology a Natal Birth Chart is your own personal karmic blueprint, it shows where the planets were positioned in the sky the day you were born. The location of each planet is based on past life karma (both good and bad). The good karma can result in planetary combinations that create power yogas like Raj Yogas (Rises in Status), Dhana Yoga (Wealth), Laxmi Yoga (Extreme Wealth). Knowing where the planets were positioned the day you were born can also determine your personality and your true nature.

The natal position of each planet is the spark that creates out life experience the timing of marriage, birth of children, career, job promotions, purchase of homes, increase in income can all determined by the planetary alignment on the day you were born.

The most powerful aspect of a natal birth cart is your self-realization. The basic knowledge of understanding why specific experience in life are unfavorable (loss of job, health issues, divorce, delay in marriage or childbirth, money problems) can help you overcome these obstacles by waiting for the right time period to bring your desires to you. Ever heard of the saying, β€œTo Everything There Is A Season, And A Time”. Knowing how the planets are aligned in your birth chart can guide you to take the right actions at the right time so you can manifest your desires.

A natal birth chart can help you know your true purpose in life. You can know what you are meant to do in this life by studying how the planets were aligned the day your were born. If your role in life feel unsatisfactory and below your potential a natal birth chart can shed light on your true purpose, what makes you feel alive, inspired, and driven. The planet sun in your 10th house can show you that you are meant to be your own boss (have your own business) and not work for anyone else. Running your own company could be the spark that makes you feel and bring you the achievements your desire. alive. Knowledge is Power a Vedic natal birth chart, give you the fuel you need to help you be successful.


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