The Tower Tarot Card
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The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card is ruled by the planet mars and symbolizes an awakening through a seemingly devastating or destructive event. When awakening takes place in our lives, it could come like a sudden ‘flash’ of enlightenment that may collapse the world around us but without this destruction, you may not have the clarity that you may need at this time. This may come as a spiritual awakening or a deeper perception of your situation. The tower tarot card shatters all misconceptions and illusions until one has an awakening or revolution of some sort. This may come as an unexpected event that overthrows your world or false beliefs that you have adopted.

When the tower tarot card shows up in a reading you may be about to experience or have already been through some type of shocking event or dramatic change that has turned your world upside down. The structure of your life which you thought was firm and stable is now crumbling and you must prepare yourself for a complete collapse. This change is necessary to learn some type of truth that may have been blocked by your ‘so-called’ stable structure. The tower tarot card also represents arguments, accidents, and bad breaks up. Many times when the tower tarot card shows up in a reading many people find themselves leaving their significant other, making a sudden move, dramatically changing careers, selling their homes, or consulting with a therapist to help heal deep wounds. These sudden changes may lead the individual filling uprooted or off course. No matter what you may be feeling, the change had to be made for you to see the light of a new day, Old structures are destroyed, and a more solid foundation is rebuilt. Whatever you are going through you must rise above the situation and come out on top.

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