The Temperance Tarot Card
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The Temperance Tarot Card

The temperance tarot card represents a harmonious mixture or blending of forces. The temperance tarot card is also a symbolism of the conscious and unconscious mind working together in perfect harmony to produce successful results. In the temperance tarot card, is an androgynous angel blending two opposite forces. The pool beneath the androgynous angel is a metaphor representing the subconscious and conscious mind, in which perfect balance of these two opposite but complementary forces are in perfect balance. The temperance tarot card is the alchemy card, which means by using the right combination and blend you can create something out of nothing. Most people view alchemy as turning metal into gold but this is a metaphor indicating that you have the power within to create something of value out of nothing. This is done through proper planning and carefully putting the right ingredients together. When things work in harmony, we can steer our situation in the direction we want it to go.

When the temperance tarot card shows up in a reading it may be indicating that you can demonstrate cooperation and harmony in your situation, you also must practice moderation without going overboard. The temperance tarot card may also be warning you that you make be taking something to the extreme. You must slow down and practice moderation a temporary separation from your excessive endeavors may take place at this time for you to help balance the situation. The temperance tarot card may also be telling you to think and proceed cautiously in your situation. You must think everything through and scrutinize the situation before you make a decision. You must think about all the scenarios of what may happen with a rational mind, with such careful planning, and take all the necessary precautions you will have harmony and balance in your situation.

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