Sun tarot card

The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun tarot card represents success, fulfillment, attainment, and happiness. The Sun (within our solar system) governs this tarot card. The Sun signifies light, divinity, and solar energies. The sun tarot card symbolizes the life force in its purest form. When this life force is channeled without obstructions (such as negative thoughts or feelings) one can use this life force to create heaven on earth. All pleasures of your heart can be reached so you can experience paradise on earth.

When the sun tarot card shows up in a reading it represents a ray of joy and happiness in your life. The sun seems to shine and everything is clear and you radiate happiness. You may have a magical glow to your aura that lights up any room you are in. Since the sun tarot card also represents energy, You may be feeling highly energetic and lively. You should use this energy in a positive manner such as taking a trip, vacation or celebrating with family and friends. You feel satisfied, content, and on top of the world.

Romantic interactions are passionate and filled with excitement and joy. If you have been going through a dark time, and the sun tarot card shows up in a reading this indicates that the darkness that you have been experiencing, such as, sadness or depression will be transformed into joy and inspiration. All obstacles can now be overcome and new beginnings will embellish your life. No matter what obstacles you have experienced in the past, good times, hope, celebration, good health, and fortune are now yours. Since you have such a positive attitude and approach to life, you magnetically attract more wonderful things to you magnifying and enriching your life. You are truly blessed.


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