Your Father’s Seclusion

Whenever ruler of the 9th house in the 12th house reclusiveness is crucial for your father well-being. Being all alone can help your father recharge his batteries. Quality moments alone helps the native connect with inner thoughts as well as emotions.

Your father is really reserved and also take pleasure in personal space. A calm atmosphere is actually important. Your father become irritated if the atmosphere is actually loud.

Since your father take pleasure in his privacy the native seems like a loner to other people.

People see your father as a mystery, a person who is challenging to understand, particularly if the eighth lord is placed, conjunct, or aspect this alignment in the native chart.

Your Father’s Spirituality

Your father solitude is required to expand his spirituality. Your father may likely spend time in shrines, ashrams, monasteries, churches, or even in the security of one’s room in religious practice or even meditation.

The native effortlessly connect with the spiritual realm through the imagination and get messages. Your father can easily experience enlightenment effortlessly.

Your Father’s Loss of Energy

Your father vitality is effortlessly zapped when dealing with day-to-day routine concerns. The native can certainly re-energize batteries when in reclusiveness. If your father do not acquire the needed seclusion to replenish, your father can certainly experience physical health problems that may result in a hospital stay.

Your Father’s Expenditures

The twelfth house in Vedic astrology is the Karaka of expenditures. Whenever the ruler of the 9th house in the 12th house the native has excessive expenditures. If the 6th lord is placed in the 12th house, your father may go into personal debt easily. With this placement, the native will need to repay karmic debts too.

Your Father’s Foreign Travels

Your father has a deep interest for overseas travel. Your father travel to overseas lands soaking up new way of livings and also cultures. Your father might have a long-term resident in a foreign country if malefics are actually situated or aspect the 4th house.

Your Father’s Realistic Thoughts

Your father possesses a flamboyant creative imagination. The individual retreat from routines of daily life through creative imagination. Your father enjoys realistic daydreams and fantasies.

Whenever Venus (Shukra) is in ones 12th house, your father have a fantasy romantic partner. Within the secluded realm of the mind, the native hangs out with this fantasy love.


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