The Moon Tarot Card
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The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon tarot card represents piercing the veil of deception by shedding light on hidden truths. The message of the moon tarot card is telling you that whatever you are perceiving in the moonlight or shadows of your mind looks quite different in the daylight or enlightenment of the mind. This metaphor is indicating that you must delve deep beneath the surface to fish out hidden truths into the sunlight; the darkness is a symbolism of unawareness/ignorance, whereas the sunlight is a representation of being aware/illuminated.

When the moon tarot card shows up in a reading you discover hidden agenda or secrets that are being kept from you. The moon tarot card indicates that all the illusions either self-deception or lies from others or yourself will have to be brought into the light. The moon tarot card may also be warning you to cease all activity until you have identified any misconceptions that may be clouding your judgment. This may indicate that you may be thinking in the wrong way which could be disrupting your success and hindering your ability from seeing things. On the other hand, the moon tarot card may be indicating that you are approaching a period in which you will be very moody and uncertain which will hinder your ability from making clear decisions. Your judgment may be clouded causing confusion and indecisiveness. Something deep from your past that you thought was buried may rise again for one last and final confrontation. During this time pay close attention to your dreams, they bring messages on how to truly perceive what was going on around you and put everything in the right perspective.

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