Mars in the 9th House

Exert Energy – With Mars in the 9th house in Vedic astrology, you exert energy in the 9th house. You focus your energy on spirituality, religion, father, law, and the performance of good deeds.

Father – Your father can be an athlete, military man, police officer, fireman, martial art instructor, or any career that uses the physical body or require aggression. Because Mars is an aggressive planet father may be demanding and often over-aggressive. The aggressive behavior father has toward you can lead to arguments.

Beliefs – The 9th house is your belief system and Mars is aggressive. You tend to try to force your belief and personal opinions on other people.

Strength – Mars is the karaka of strength. You get strength from Father, Advisors, Guru, Counselors. Strength comes from anyone who gives you wise advice.

Competition – You are competitive towards father and Guru (advisors, mentor). Even though you received strength from their guidance you may challenge the advice given.

Religions – With Mars in the 9th house you aggressively pursue and follow a religion with a deep passion (Mars). You exert your energy in prayers, chants, hymns, mantras. You put focus on reading religious scripts, ancient texts, or the bible.

Spiritual Strength – You received spiritual strength when you focus on religion and spiritual beliefs. Spirituality inspires you with drive and motivation.

Most Violent – Your father and Guru have the Mars energy and they can be the most violent towards You. Your father or Guru may hit you or beat you.

Luck – Mars is an action-orient planet and the 9th house related to luck. With Mars in the 9th house, you create your luck. You make things happen in your favor.

Injury Buttocks Or Thighs – You can have an injury to the buttocks or thighs. These body parts are prone to injury and you have to be cautious with the buttocks or thighs area.

Travel – The 9th house indicates long-distance travel. You are driven and have the motivation to travel especially to foreign lands. You have a strong will to take action and travel, this desire can be manifested because your desire is strong.

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