Mars in the 11th House

Exert Energy – With Mars in the 11th house in Vedic astrology, you exert energy in the 11th house. Your energy goes towards large organizations, friends, hope, wishes, dreams, extra income. However, Mars feels lost in the sign Aquarius. The zodiac sign Aquarius is a mirror of Cancer.

Mars is debilitated in cancer. Although good results can come from this position; however, there will be some pain with Mars in the 11th house.

Eldest Sibling – Your eldest sibling is the competition. You get into verbal arguments and fights with the eldest sibling. Growing up you may have felt the eldest sibling was always competing against you. You feel that you just don’t get along with your eldest sibling and the relationships in too difficult to fix.

Friends – You have problems with friends. The slightest disagreement or misunderstanding can lead to a blowout. Your friends can be jealous and competitive towards you. Friends can have ulterior motives. You often feel the people who are supposed to be on your side (your friends) are the competition. Friendships can easily break, and discord can go unresolved.

Injury – You are prone to injury to the region below the knee. You have to be cautious with the bottom part of your leg. You can easily get cuts, bruising, burns, and injuries.

Dreams, Hopes, Wishes – You take action to make your Dreams, Hopes, wishes would come true. You are always chasing after and chasing your dreams

Strength – Your strength comes from serving society (Aquarius) and groups of people.

Large Organizations – You exert energies and strength in large organizations. You fight for people less fortunate and the underdog.

Eldest Child Spouse – The 11th house is your eldest child spouse (it is the 7th from the 5th house). Your eldest child can have an argumentative and difficult relationship with their spouse.


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