Judgment tarot card

The Judgment Tarot Card

The judgment tarot card represents rebirth and renewal. When the judgment tarot card shows up in a reading, it is indicating that a cycle in your life is ending followed by an important change. This change will be beneficial to both your personal growth and spiritual development. You have now reached a milestone in your situation and you must make a life-changing decision that will completely change the direction your life was heading; a different course will be open to you and you must be prepared to walk this new road to complete the transformation into this new stage of your life. The overall outcome would not only benefit your personal life but be prepared to grow spiritually as well and be reborn into a new person.

The Judgment tarot card foretells that a major change in your life has come to a peak and success is at the tip of your nose. This is a favorable time in which all undertakings will be achieved for victory is at hand. If you have worked hard towards a particular goal, now is time to reap the good fortunes of your labor, all past actions are rewarded with successful results. Now is the time to wrap up loose ends so you can have a clean slate to move into your bigger and brighter future. During this time, you may feel like a brand-new person ready to face the world and new challenges with bright ideas and fresh energy. When your new situation begins, things will be better than before. If you had been going through bad times that seem to be routine, these old patterns will completely end followed by significant transformations in which you will emerge out of your ashes and be reborn again as a new person.

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