The Devil Tarot Card
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The Devil Tarot Card

The devil tarot card represents illusions, bondage, and self-imposed limitations. The devil tarot card is God upside down or anything that is the opposite of God. The devil tarot card symbolizes misconceiving the physical body, outward appearances, or physical objects as true forms when a reality everything we touch, feel, and experience is as a representation of spirit which is ‘the true form of God’. The two human figures in the devil have chains wrapped around their necks, but if you look closely you will see that the chains are loose and they can easily free themselves from this bondage. They are both stuck in the illusion that they are slaves to darkness such as negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative situations, ignorance, and not allowing themselves to see the true light within’. The black background was of darkness and confusion, there’s no light to shine or guide their way. Over the top of the devil’s head is an upside-down pentagram which is the symbolism of dark magic, and using the power of the spirit for negative endeavors. This is the true symbol of black magic.

When the devil tarot card shows up in a reading it may be indicating that you are in an oppressed situation and you feel that there is no escape. You are feeling trapped and unable to break free; for example, this oppressed situation may be a bad relationship whether business or personal, negative feelings, or negative emotions which have pushed you into depression or despair, or any situation in which you feel trapped and unable to escape.

The devil tarot card is advising you that no matter how dark and trapped your situation maybe you can easily undo the chains and release yourself by turning to the light within.. which is your true self/spirit. The devil tarot card may also be advising you that it’s time to let go of a burden situation that is no longer serving its purpose and holding you back in life. On the other hand, the devil tarot card may be warning you that you are using your powers in a negative mannerism by enslaving or manipulating others to do your bidding. If the magician tarot card shows up in a reading with the devil tarot card the person may be practicing black magic and using it to control others. If you are a victim of a curse or spell which is enslaving and controlling you, it is only through the light of your spirit ‘the power of God within’ that you will be able to free yourself and face the shadows that haunt you.

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