8th Lord In 8th House

The 8th House Lord In 8th House For Your Ascendants?

In general, the 8th lord in the 8th house for all ascendants means that you’re someone that isn’t scared to change and transformation. You take the concept of death not scarily and horrifically but in a more positive and neutral tone. Everyone’s going to die someday, and one day, it’s going to be your turn. That’s what you think of death. Secondly, the planet placed in its own house shows a high amount of strength, and in a generic implication, it means that you’re quite calm and collected when it comes to being who you are. You’re someone that knows what you want and has an already-made plan for everything, whether that’s something that’s due in months, or death itself. This placement shows that the things of the 8th house are the aspects that you’re the most confident about in your life. You’re someone that loves, and gets, transformed through the sexual experience that you encounter. Additionally, even though you’re a highly secretive person and don’t let yourself lose easily, you want to dive into the hidden world that coexists within ours and find the truths of life. This happens because the 8th lord, being in its own house, provides you the feeling of contentment and consistency with the things of its own house, a big part of which is the hidden things of this world.

8th Lord Sun 8th House for Capricorn Ascendant

The 8th lord Sun in the 8th house for Capricorn Ascendant means that your transformation occurs when you deal with unwanted and chaotic situations in life. Only when you go through tough situations in life is when the real transformation in life occurs, and that’s exactly how you become the best version of yourself. Life gives its own set of challenges to everyone, and for you, unfolding these turmoil and situations is how you gain confidence in yourself. You feel the most confident in life when you’re present in a real-life situation where you have to dig deep and find out the real truth. Furthermore, the Sun being a representation of the father shows that your father played a big role in teaching you how to reach and channel your inner strength when in a difficult situation, and find the best way to get out of it.

8th Lord Moon 8th House for Sagittarius Ascendant

The 8th lord Moon in the 8th house for Sagittarius Ascendant means that you’re a natural nurturer, and that’s where your mental peace belongs as well. This can denote people in medical fields as well. You’re someone that wants to actively help other people, and by doing so, you get the mental satisfaction that you need. Emergencies, dealing with people’s issues, and meddling with psychological problems, are among the things that you absolutely love doing, and you always want to solve other people’s issues. People like you often go on to become spiritual gurus and psychologists that serve the people. Hearing other people’s experiences puts a new perspective on the ups and downs of life inside you, and making your peace with these waves of life is what gives people like you satisfaction.


8th Lord Mercury 8th House for Scorpio Ascendant

The 8th lord Mercury in the 8th house for Scorpio Ascendant means that you’re someone that communicates very secretively, and that’s also the reason you’re highly soft-spoken. Since the 8th house is a house of serving people and the occult, this kind of position of Mercury, especially for Scorpio Ascendant, means that there’s a high chance you’ll go on to find interest in things like astrology and the hidden things of the world. You could also be someone that’s not too physically active in the field of the occult but likes to write about it. Often occult blog writes are seen from this placement of Scorpio. Additionally, people with this placement are highly introverted. You’re someone that would rather pull someone to the side and talk to them in a crowded place, rather than have a conversation with them in the open.

8th Lord Mercury 8th House for Aquarius Ascendant

The 8th lord Mercury in the 8th house for Aquarius Ascendant means that you’re more of a numbers guy than a qualitative person. For Aquarius Ascendant, it’s highly recurring that you develop an interest in fields like accounting and taxing. This happens because Mercury rules both the 8th house as well as the 5th. This combination entails a list of different analytical and perfectionist qualities inside you, developing your interest that is directed more towards dealing with numbers and data. This also means that you’re quite good at handling the assets of other people, which is why often people come to you when they need help in managing money. Talking about your married life, this placement of Mercury shows that you’re highly communicative with your wife and her family, and take the lead role when it comes to managing the budget of the family.

8th Lord Venus 8th House for Pisces Ascendant

The 8th lord Venus in the 8th house for Pisces Ascendant means that you have a lot of interest in the field of finance. People like you are often seen working as a business or financial analysts in big corporate companies. For Pisces Ascendant, married life will bloom with lovely and positive relations with the in-laws. You’ll learn to create a balanced relationship between you and your in-laws, and like all other Venus placements in this house, the flow of wealth is going to be much higher after you get married. Like it always is with Venus, this placement is also a denotation of the sexual passion inside you. However, you always want to have a romantic side to your sexual pleasures, otherwise, it doesn’t excite you.

8th Lord Venus 8th House for Libra Ascendant

The 8th lord Venus in the 8th house for Libra Ascendant means you’re very secretive when it comes to you being in relationships with other people. For you to have a romantic connection with another person, it must happen in secrecy, or it doesn’t entice you. You’re very comfortable in pursuing your romantic life alone, rather than being more open. People like you are less likely to go to a club and more likely to book a private yet lavish hotel for you and your loved one to enjoy, away from all the crowd and noise. For Libra Ascendant, huge wealth after marriage will most likely follow, the source of which, most likely, will be your in-laws.

8th Lord Mars 8th House for Aries Ascendant

The 8th lord Mars in the 8th house for Aries Ascendant means that you put an immense amount of energy and effort when it comes to the aspects of Occultism. You’re someone who loves to find out the hidden things in this world and beyond, which is often why most astrologers have a similar placement. For Aries Ascendant, high mental strength is something you possess, allowing you to easily deal with things like blood and death, without feeling a thing. The reason for this is because Mars itself is a soldier, and it instills that fiery and gory spirit inside you, allowing you to easily traverse any situation in life. Furthermore, in terms of sexual life, this kind of Mars is highly intense. You want a lot of physical sexual experience in relationships/marriage for it to flourish and work for you.

8th Lord Mars 8th House for Virgo Ascendant

The 8th lord Mars in the 8th house for Virgo Ascendant means that you’re quite strong when you’re facing the difficulties of life. People like you, with this placement, have the heart of a lion, which is the reason why a common profession in people like you is being in the army, or if we’re talking in the scientific area, physicians. Furthermore, secretive and detective abilities are something that people like you highly possess. This increases your overall ability to find the truth out in different things, and uncover it even from a cluster of lies and deceit. For Virgo Ascendant, This is the perfect placement that encapsulates the aspects of a mentally strong person, someone who won’t hesitate to go to lengths to do things, especially the ones which involve secrecy of things.

8th Lord Jupiter 8th House for Taurus Ascendant

The 8th lord Jupiter in the 8th house for Taurus Ascendant means there’s a lot of potential for you when it comes to the astrological field. For Taurus Ascendant, a lot of different things align at the same time. The house of occultism, the sign of higher education, and the planet denoting the counseling abilities inside you, all work to form a personality that is highly directed to teaching others the values of occultism and opening the world of hidden things to them. This kind of Jupiter is all about diving deep into the world of occultism and finding gurus and teachers in the darkest of places. You won’t be finding these gurus in your college or universities but in thick forests, or the haunted woods somewhere far from you.

8th Lord Jupiter 8th House for Leo Ascendant

The 8th lord Jupiter in the 8th house for Leo Ascendant means that you love to research things, and that’s where most of your gains in knowledge lie. People who pursue highly research-based degrees are often seen with this placement, as it’s way easier and fun for you to dig deep into a topic and find everything you can about it. In addition to that, the lust for spirituality and the hidden things in the world is seen here as well, where highly spiritual gurus are seen with this placement of Jupiter as well. For Leo Ascendant, higher education is often replaced by the various aspects of Spirituality, which is the point where people often leave education in search of spiritual answers.

8th Lord Saturn 8th House for Cancer Ascendant

The 8th lord Saturn in the 8th house for Cancer Ascendant means that you’ll be living a very long life, and this is highly common in this placement of Saturn. However, even though your life will be quite long, the transformation that every person goes through in their life will be slowed down for you, because Saturn itself is a very slow-moving entity. For Cancer Ascendant, You’ll get life-changing gurus way late in your thirties, and that’s also the phase where your connection with the in-laws starts getting better as well. However, in a positive sense, this kind of Saturn is quite good, as life won’t just riddle you with sudden ups and downs. Saturn will make that phase quite slow and stretched, making it slower yet easier for you to transform.

8th Lord Saturn 8th House for Gemini Ascendant

The 8th lord Saturn in the 8th house for Gemini Ascendant means quite similar things as most other Saturn placements. You’ll be blessed to live a long life, and only after a quarter of your life has passed will you undergo a true transformation in life. However, with Gemini Ascendant, you’re more prone to working with governmental institutions, where you will serve other people that are undergoing sudden events in life. Moreover, this is the kind of Saturn placement that can show a business in things like gem mining, or oil. Anything that is buried under the ground, as Saturn is a big significator of the things that are present below the ground. Adding to that, your married life will flourish, although quite late because of Saturn’s slow path. You might even go on to establish joint business assets with your spouse as well.

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