4th Lord In 11th House

Meaning of the 4th Lord in the 11th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 4th lord in 11th house for all ascendants means that you may gain a lot through your mother and the people of your homeland. Also, your mother would be an important stimulus for your gains in life, as she would fulfill your hopes and wishes, especially during your early age. Additionally, you may also earn through the real estate business, with the help of other people. So, when the lord of the 4th goes into the 11th house, it represents help from your friends, but especially your mother. How the 11th house is eight places away from the 4th house, you get through different transformations in life through people that represent the 4th house. This is because the 8th house exhibits the energy of dramatic changes and renewal. Also, the 4th house is responsible for the way you meet other people and make friends, which is represented by the 11th house. Therefore, your friend’s circle depends upon how you have been nourished by your mother and within your home.

Besides, there was a lot of pressure and responsibility upon your mother due to certain planets being in her 8th house and your 11th house. Depending on what planet rules the 4th house, we get different types of stories and meanings.

4th Lord In 11th House Sun for Taurus Ascendant

The 4th lord Sun in 11th house for Taurus Ascendant means that your convenience and ability to feel nourished comes from the things related to the government and people with whom you make network circles. You may gain through people who are politically connected and are authoritative, like CEOs and maybe even presidents. Therefore, when the Sun, as the lord of the 4th, goes into the 11th house, it becomes quite a strong position in terms of politics. To be successful in politics, you need political connections along with government relations. You seek friends that have a significant role in a political manner.

On the other side, maybe your mother was a part of a large network circle, or she might be a leader in her community. Your father was a very creative person who had a tremendous amount of imaginative ability. Also, he could have been gaining his own source of wealth through the government, or maybe even teaching. It also shows that people of your homeland, or your parents are very spiritual and creative people, often leading to being in charge of the community.

4th Lord In 11th House Moon for Aries Ascendant

The 4th lord Moon in 11th house for Aries Ascendant means that your mother held a lot of karmic burden and responsibilities regarding the home, even before you were born. She had to take care of the kids, her husband, and the house, and it represented a big duty to her.

How Moon is our mind, and, here, it sits in the 11th house, it shows that your mind was transformed through the experience of quite dramatic happenings in your life. Hence, these substantial events broadened your horizon of thinking. Therefore, you became a scientific thinker that analyses everything. For example, you might have grown up in such a religious environment where you had sudden enlightenment to change the way you think and believe and become someone who is questioning everything about yourself, from the point of existence to the same end. Sun here is in Aquarius, for Aries ascendant. Therefore, it shows your curious Aquarius nature, which is highly unusual and open-minded, and open to completely different unconventional things. Your mind is set on getting involved in higher technological and scientific research. Hence, you would work for higher causes and you are willing to serve people with your inventions and innovative ideas.

4th Lord In 11th House Mercury for Gemini and Pisces Ascendant

The 4th lord Mercury in 11th house for Gemini and Pisces Ascendant means that your communication skills and speech pattern with other people were transformed by your mother. It also shows good communicative relations with others. You may also gain from elder siblings. At the same time, you make network circles with people who are very much business-minded and full of ideas but also know how to help you with your profession. That is because Mercury represents an informative messenger who is also a natural businessman.

As for your career, you may do business related to real estate, or work for a large organization. Since Mercury represents written communication, teaching, and learning, you may be a part of a large school circle, where you may even become a school principal.

4th Lord In 11th House Venus for Cancer and Aquarius Ascendant

The 4th lord Venus in 11th house for Cancer and Aquarius Ascendant shows a tremendous amount of gains through the mother and real estate properties. You may become a very wealthy person because the Venus here is in her own sign, Taurus, for Cancer Ascendant.

No matter what sign Venus is placed, your network circle, although influenced by your mother, is always going to be driven towards females. This may represent a problem when you get married because of your female friends. Since the 11th house is eight places away from the 4th, which represents the family, many unfavorable situations may occur in your marriage, because you will always be inclined towards meeting other women and gaining through them. Additionally, you may have a lot of girlfriends in your life who were really wealthy, and they provided for you. Also, you may have been transformed throughout your life by a lot of women, by their culture and behavior. Overall, you may earn as an interior decorator or an architect, or just by developing and renting properties.

If Venus is in Sagittarius, for Aquarius Ascendant, you may earn through your higher learning and philosophical knowledge. You might be seen as a teacher and professor in big institutes. Also, you and your mother might have some differences of opinion on the philosophical point of view, but overall, the relationship is not so bad.


4th Lord In 11th House Mars for Leo and Capricorn Ascendant

The 4th lord Mars in 11th house for Leo and Capricorn Ascendant means that you may gain a lot through being in the business of real estate since Mars is a natural significator of land and landed property. Also, your job position may suddenly change into work for the government. This is because the government is represented by the 10th house, and the seventh from the 10th is the 4th house. This means that you are serving the government since the 4th house serves the agenda of the 10th house. Therefore, the government becomes a source of your gain by serving.

As Mars represents a military man and a competitor, you may be someone who is working for Homeland Security, because the 11th house is eight places from the 4th, which represents secrecy and investigations.

Furthermore, when Mars is the ruler of the 4th house, it really shows that your mother was a brilliant fighter, and she was able to do anything she could to provide for you. This is also because Mars is a protector, therefore, the mother becomes Mars. She does what needs to be done to protect her young ones and prepare them for life.

Here Mars, as the ruler of the 4th, in the 11th house, is trying through secrecy to protect the things of the 4th house. You may also gain a lot of wealth through your brother and male friends since Mars is a significator of brotherhood.

4th Lord In 11th House Jupiter for Virgo and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 4th lord Jupiter in 11th house for Virgo Ascendant and Sagittarius Ascendant means that you may gain a lot through the homeland, advising and teaching people in homeland or the middle school. This is because Jupiter is a natural teacher, counselor, and advisor. Since Jupiter is in the 11th house, it may signify working as a principal at a university, or in a large institution, where you might become an advisor there. Your knowledge genuinely gets transformed through your mother. Jupiter as the lord in the 4th in the 11th house really shows your mother to be well educated, a guru-type person, who advised people in the community. Through that, you were influenced to advise others.

Additionally, Jupiter shows a large home, because Jupiter expands things. Since the 11th house is Upachaya house, it means that it grows with time. Everything related to the 4th house is increased through the years. For example, if you had a turbulent relationship with the mother early on, now, with the Upachaya house being involved, it grows better with time, it is transformed into something good and far more common.

4th Lord In 11th House Saturn for Libra and Scorpio Ascendant

The 4th lord Saturn in 11th house for Libra and Scorpio Ascendant means that your network circle is made out of people who are mature age and wiser. You were born and brought up in this environment of hard work. Respect towards others was implied, along with following directions and rules. Through time, you have the ability to build a home, but it doesn’t necessarily come in the very initial stages.

Additionally, there was a tremendous amount of pressure and responsibility by or through the mother. Either you had to be responsible for your mother, or your mother had to be responsible for you and your sibling with Saturn as the lord of the 4th.

On the other side, you may gain a lot in the political area, because Saturn represents the masses, people who vote, and who are in your homeland. Since Saturn is in the 11th house, you gain through getting the votes of other people. Hence, a political career is seen with this Saturn placement. Saturn as the lord of the 4th in the 11th house genuinely shows someone who wants to take care of his people of the homeland, who is out there to nurture other people in the most realistic way possible. Since Saturn represents older, handicapped people, it also shows that you can gain through nourishing other people who are disabled while working in a nursing home, hospital, or nonprofit organization. Additionally, you might gain through oil and steel by doing business in your homeland.

As always, Saturn starts giving benefits in the 30s and that’s when you may expect to fully excel in terms of money. Overall, with time and hard work, wealth is inevitable.

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