2nd Lord In 2nd House
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Meaning of the 2nd Lord in 2nd House for All Ascendants

The 2nd Lord in 2nd house general meaning for all Ascendants means that there is a big necessity for the protection of all the things that the 2nd house represents, such as wealth, your family’s assets, your savings, and anything else that has a value to you. In fact, you are very protective of your family and everything that it owns. Accordingly to that, your connection to your family is very deep and strong, and you represent the glue that sticks and holds the family together. Therefore, you are certain that no one could ever look after them in a better way than you.

Additionally, you know your sense of value, and most of the things that you learn in the world come through your family. No matter the status, lower, middle, or the highest class, you are comfortable in their company and environment. However, your ability to save and guard things is depending upon what planet is actually sitting in the 2nd house, as its Lord would have a different sentimental value in your life, or it would have a different type of protection and attachment to the things that 2nd house represents.

Nevertheless, the 2nd Lord in the 2nd house is very powerful Raya yoga, meaning that somebody will get wealth in life when the Mahadasha of the planet is sitting in your 2nd house. On the other hand, as mentioned above, you also have to check for the conjunction aspects that your 2nd house has. For example, even though you have Mars in the 2nd house, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to apply to you, because your Mars could be attached to Saturn or Rahu axes, or it could be being hemmed by two planets in the Senate in the first house; especially if the Sun is close to Mars. It represents the combustion of the planet. Therefore, in Mahadasha you may actually lose the wealth, it would be burnt out. These are all the things you should look for before you start to go into the depth of the meaning.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Sun for Cancer Ascendant

The 2nd lord Sun in 2nd house for Cancer Ascendant means that you seek security, you want stability more than anything. The urge in you to guard and protect your loved ones, including your family, and every aspect of their lives, is immense since Cancer is a very sensitive and committed sign. With Sun as the 2nd lord of the 2nd house, it shows that there’s a very strong tie to the family. It can represent your father with included family. Your father might be in a medical business, government, politics, or even art. Similarly, he could be into the history of art, or he could be a teacher of art history. The father was a figure who showed you how to save money and secure yourself, along with your family. Also, he implanted the values you have today about family and the importance of the responsibility of family business. The father represents the strong and strict head figure with powerful influence in decision-making regarding family issues.

Meanwhile, you could have a Senate sitting in his own house. The Sun here can represent the burned significance of your family; also, you could be very arrogant and proud regarding your assets and wealth. In the same way, like the Sun, which is a hot and bright planet, you could also burn your assets and savings away trying to show your ego to other people by wasting your money.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Moon for Gemini Ascendant

The 2nd lord Moon in 2nd house for Gemini Ascendant means the strong connection with the mother has implemented strong values of how to spend and save money, and the value of family. The emotional connection with the family is well built-in for you, and you want to provide all the securities you find needed for your close ones. However, the pride may not be as expressed as the demand of feeling comfortable with handling the money, or anything regarding the symbolism of the 2nd house, with your mother. She would be the one whom you give your entire savings.

Likewise, if you are a male, you would make a female be a money manager, a female banker, or an accountant. Mainly, it would be someone who guards your money like it was their own child. The importance is great in this symbolism of mothering the values and money.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Mercury for Taurus and Leo Ascendant

The 2nd lord Mercury in 2nd house for Taurus and Leo Ascendant means you put a lot of effort into entrepreneurship. Also, it can show the strong ability to use family money for business or to be involved in the family business. Accordingly, it can show the possibility to expand it more under your jurisdiction. You own the knowledge on how to educate yourself in order to grow money assets. In fact, your family was deeply involved in money management and education regarding finance. You own the street smarts thanks to your family and siblings who helped you develop money managing skills. Indeed, you simply know how to talk your way into making money. Besides, your whole family is calculated, analytical and critical. Thus, your personality is not wastefully extravagant, but thrifty.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Mars for Libra and Pisces Ascendant

The 2nd lord Mars in 2nd house for Libra and Pisces Ascendant means that you are protective about your assets and your family. Your main goal is family protection, more than growing it. Additionally, you may not be adequate for managing money. You are represented as a soldier whose all he knows is how to make a things to protect himself, but not manage things, and keep them under control. In addition, you may invest money into securing your family.

However, it could be difficult for you to secure your own assets because of your lack of saving skills. This would be because Mars is considered a natural malefic planet, and as such it provides some ups and downs in your life, even though it’s in a good placement, such as its own sign. For instance, Mars is a very aggressive planet, so it shows a lot of power struggles in the family regarding who controls the finances. Communication with male siblings is troublesome, especially when it comes to spending money. The fluctuation of money is unsteady with often ups and downs. Despite the inconstant money balance, the family is secured and well-guarded. This can also mean that someone from your family knows martial arts, is in the army or is a police officer, or even an attorney and lawyer. Also, it shows that your family might be in the medical profession.

Nevertheless, Jupiter with good aspects can provide the needed protection and control of Mars.

In addition, if there is Saturn involved, especially with low degree conjunction, it can control enough Mars, and guide it, in order not to spend as much as it wanted to.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Venus for Aries and Virgo Ascendant

The 2nd lord Venus in 2nd house for Aries and Virgo Ascendant means that you are a very luxurious person who wants all the finest things in life, especially when it comes to assets and jewelry. If you are a female, you probably have a lot of shiny things, bijouterie, or at least a passion to collect gems. If you are a male, this Venus could represent your wife as an influencer in building your wealth. On the other hand, if you are single, and with this position with Venus in the 2nd house, it may be significator that you would get wealthy after you get married because Venus represents your wife. Even if you are a single girl, it shows that the spouse would have a strong contributor to the family assets.

Additionally, Venus represents comfort, so you find the needed support in your family.

Also, it represents vehicles and any other thing that feels enjoyable. In the same way, you like to be a part of art and culture and to also be a part of the family that is involved in any art and cultural activities.

Finally, you find comfort and peace in all the things that make you feel good in a materialistic way.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Jupiter for Scorpio and Aquarius Ascendant

The 2nd lord Jupiter in 2nd house for Scorpio and Aquarius Ascendant means that all your family was very educated, religious, and spiritual. Jupiter is the Karaka, meaning he is the significator of the 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th house. He controls these houses no matter his position. So, when Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd house, it is called Dhan Bhava, meaning that when the Karaka of a house is in its own house, he may damage that house. The reason why this happens with Jupiter only in the 2nd house is that the 2nd house represents a death-inflicting house. Jupiter, as a positive planet, wants to be in the positive house. Even though he’s in his own house, he sees death (8th house) and enemies (6th house) right across from him. This makes him feel uncomfortable. However, he provides protection and expansion because he’s still in his own house. In his Mahadasha it can provide both love and struggle, all in the cloak of preservation.

As we mentioned before, your family was most likely very spiritual, especially if Pisces or Sagittarius is involved, then it was more like an Orthodox family which had someone involved in rituals and religion throughout their whole life. Also, your father was most likely a priest or a school teacher, or someone who was involved in religious activities with a home full of yagnas, especially in an Indian family. All the religious days were the most precious and important days in family life. In addition to that, your philosophical intelligence came through your father who acted like a guru in your family. If your mother was the first one in line, your father was absent, so that made your mother your first teacher in life.

Furthermore, if Jupiter is in its own Moola-Trikona sign, Sagittarius, it can show prosperity and expansion, especially if it’s connected to the banking or some other financial and money related issues that 2nd house represents. You can be someone who is a financial manager, a restaurant owner, or maybe you grew up in a family that owned a restaurant. When it comes to just wealth, it may be created later in life, because Jupiter represents the growth you need to go through in order to learn how to deal with a difficult financial environment.

2nd Lord In 2nd House Saturn for Sagittarius and Capricorn Ascendant

The 2nd lord Saturn in 2nd house for Sagittarius and Capricorn Ascendant means that you grew up in a family that may work in the government, or your dad was a very hardworking and workaholic person who may have done manual jobs. Also, it represents a father who was a scientist, or maybe an executive in a huge corporation, but there was a lot of hard work involved, along with discipline and organization. On the other hand, you didn’t have a hard time as someone else with a different Saturn placing, because Saturn, in this case, is feeling very comfortable in his own house. Accordingly, he’s protecting that house, there is not much fear and anxiety towards family and money assets. This means that you are spending money freely versus somebody who may not have the Capricorn in the 2nd house.

Also, Saturn can show here that you grew up in a family that showed you how to live in real life because Saturn represents reality with all its flaws and good sides. Since your parents were hardworking people, they told you not to waste money because it was hard-earned.

Furthermore, because Saturn is very well placed in Venus’s original house, in his own sign, he does quite well here, especially if Saturn Mahadasha comes after the age of 28, and is sitting in the second house, it can give a lot of wealth in assets, especially through real estate development. This is because of the 2nd house Saturn aspects the 4th house of land and home. Since Saturn is the Karaka of real estate constructions, it shows that you, or your family, went into the real estate development business.

However, since Saturn is a natural malefic, and the 4th house represents your mother, it shows a lot of responsibility upon her. No matter how ell, or badly he plays, he always does his part by putting a lot of constraint and responsibility upon your mother.

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